Title: Polymer-based photonic structures: fabrication and applications

By: Dr LAI Ngoc Diep

Time: 10h AM, Wednesday, 23rd December 2015

Place: Room 408F, T1 building, VNU University of Science


Abstract: In relation with the strong and fast development of sub-diffractive fabrication techniques, a great deal of interest has been devoted to suitable and inexpensive materials, which may form desired micro and nanostructures. Polymer materials offer unique opportunities in nanophotonics since both top-down and bottom-up strategies can be pursued and combined towards the nanoscale. Besides, polymer materials can be, with simple methods, functionalized with nonlinear optical or fluorescent materials (organic, inorganic, or metal). The ensemble can be optically structured in a flexible way to obtain a polymer-based photonic nanostructure (“host”) containing active materials (“guest”). The engineered coupling between a guest moiety (molecule, nanoparticle) and the host photonic nanostructure may provide an enhancement of the guest optical response, leading to attractive applications. In this seminar, I will explain two important fabrications techniques, namely interference and one-photon absorption direct laser writing, which present different advantages and allow to obtain desired sub-micrometric 2D and 3D structures. I also discuss about some potential applications of these polymer-based structures, for example, laser, nonlinear optics, plasmonics, as well as quantum optics (single photon source).

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